KitzAlpBike Festival – Marathon (AUT) 23.06.2018 „report“

At 8.00 o’clock the start from the Kitzalpbike Marathon (distance: extreme) took place. We had to complete 58km and 2.700hm. I felt better than during the hillclimb, but my legs were not perfect that day. I rode my pace over the whole distance and was able to finish with the overall 6th place. The trails were great so at least this part was great.

pictures: (c) Erwin Haiden_Bikeboard_Bildbericht_KitzAlpBike_Marathon_2018

KitzAlpBike Festival – 11. Int. VAUDE MTB-HillClimb (AUT) 20.06.2018 „report“

As every year, I rode the Hillclimb in Brixen. The 6km with 500hm were very hard for me this year. I had a bad day and really struggled to the finish. I was able to enter the 5th place in my category. The event was like every year great!

pictures: (c) Erwin Haiden_Bikeboard_Bildbericht_Hillclimb_Brixen_2018

31. Dolomiten Radrundfahrt (AUT) 10.06.2018 „report“

We started in Lienz under good weather conditions at 09.30 o’clock. The pace was not that high at the beginning, but I couldn’t hold the first group of three riders again. In the entrance to the Lesachtal we then rode with full speed and there the three escaped me. Then I really wanted to catch up when the terrain flattened a bit. Unfortunately I wasn’t successful. I wasted too much energy with that action and I could no longer hold the chasing group in Obertilliach. About 5km before the finish, the second group of chasers caught me and I took the overall 12th place.

picture: (c)_Expa_Pictures_31_Dolomitenradrundfahrt_2018

Glocknerkönig (AUT) 3.6.2018 „report“

The start for the Glocknerkönig took place at 07.00 o’clock, with far more than 2.000 other cyclists. From Bruck to the finish at the Fuschertörl (2445hm) we had to ride 27 km and 1694 hm. Under perfect weather conditions, I was able to finish with the overall 7th place. My time was 1: 24.35. Until the toll station I was able to ride in the first group, but then the pace was just too high for me. I rode my rhythm up to the finish. I am very satisfied with the race and I am looking forward to the next ones.

picture: (c) Glocknerkönig – Das Radevent – Facebookpage

21. Int. ASVÖ – HRINKOW MTB-CITY-KRITERIUM (AUT) 26.05.2018 “Eventvideo – RTV”

picture: (c) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang Team.Facebookpage

21. Int. ASVÖ – HRINKOW MTB-CITY-KRITERIUM (AUT) 26.05.2018 „report“

As last years winner I had again strong competitors, who stood opposite me. From the beginning the pace was high and the track in the old town of Steyr didn’t make it easier either. Shortly before the half of the race Daniel Federspiel and I opened a gap. The pace increased again. On this day Federspiel was stronger. I got back to the pursuers and preferred to focus on them. Finally I finished on the second place behind the double world champion Daniel Federspiel. I am very satisfied with my performance, because Andreas Graf, Track-European and Vice World Champion,  plus Worldcup winner, the former State Champion Andreas Hofer and Mountain Vice-Champion Patrick Bosman were behind me.

pictures:  (c) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang Team.Facebookpage

3. Imster Radmarathon (AUT) 20.05.2018 „report“

For the start of the season, the 110 km and 2300 hm were hard for me, but you have to get the race hardness at some point. There is the important perception. I am basically satisfied with the result, but the legs weren’t accustomed  to the permanent high speed. I couldn’t ride with full speed because my muscles aren’t adapted yet. Luckily it gets better race by race! I finished overall 21st / in my category with the 10th place. This was not the result of the placement I hoped for, but I am satisfied with the time. Just a bit over ten minutes to winner Spögler Michael (ITA) who had a time of 3:14:39.

picture: (c)sportograg.facebookpage.imst

King of the Lake (AUT) 30.09.2017 „report“

At this race you had to complete a round of the Attersee, which means 47.2 km and 280 hm. The weather was perfect and you could look forward to a successful competition. I started instead of a colleague, who had injured himself in a race and so he couldn’t be there. We were a team of four and started with the normal road bike. The group dynamics were good throughout the race and we could reach our best team performance. In the end we finished with the 2nd place in our category. With a time of 1:04:00 and an average speed of 44,44 km/h.

picture: (c) privat

2. Kufsteinerland Radmarathon (AUT) 10.09.2017 „report“

The start took place at 9 o’clock with bad weather conditions. During the race the rain stopped just for a short time, but I got well over the 120 km and about 1.800 hm. From the beginning a group was formed with about 15 riders, till the Brandenberg. After the Bandenberg section a four man group remained. I was also in this group. To the final, the later second placed Patrick Hagenaars and I could break the group into a duo. I decided the race with a finish sprint for me. I felt very strong during the whole race and so the victory was a great conclusion of a successful race. The event was again organized perfectly. Only with the weather we had not much luck this year.

pictures: (c) Alex Gretter, (c) Kufsteinland Radmarathon/FB

Hartberger Radsportwoche (AUT) 13.-17.08.2017 „report“

The “Hartberger Radsportwoche” I rode as a preparation for the upcoming races. I was there for the first time and wanted a good team performance and an individual top result. On the first day (13.08.) I unfortunately didn’t get to the finish because I had a flat tire to the middle of the race. For me a stupid start in the races, because the track profile on that day was perfect for me. On the second day (14.08.) the team evaluation was more important. The following day (15.08.) a criterion had to be taken. I was able to finish on the 2nd place. Just LEA Bobby, USA was faster. The fourth day (16.08.) was again a day for the team, which has also passed successfully. On the last and fifth day (17.08.) I once again showed my strength. With a lot of teamwork I could still win the race, with a tight sprint. With the five days I am very satisfied, because I could prepare perfectly for the upcoming races.

pictures: (c) privat

KronplatzKing – KING Marathon (ITA) 23.07.2017 „report“

The race had 81km and 3.310hm, while the finish was at the peak of the Kronplatz at 2.275m. The route is nearly always on terrain, asphalt sections are hardly existing. Of course this is much better, but harder to ride. From the beginning I knew that I couldn’t go with the top. This year I didn’t train so many long units that I could compete a mountain bike marathon with the best over four hours. I rode the race in my way, which worked well for the first three hours, then I started to feel the height. We had to manage the Kronplatz peak up to 2.275m twice. In the end, I finished the race on the 15th place in my category. I am still quite satisfied, because races on these heights are really demanding.

Another reason why I also wanted to be part of the race was my great accommodation. I have to thank the family Call „My Excelsior – dolomites life resort“, where I spend three wonderful days and as a highlight the KronplatzKing took place on Sunday. Thanks again to the organizer, it was a great event.

pictures: (c)wisthaler; (c)kronplatz; (c) privat


KitzAlpBike Festival – Marathon (AUT) 24.06.2017 „report“

The start took place at 08:00 o’clock and the muggy weather with 30°C in the uphills made it difficult. This year I completed the extreme distance with 58 km and 2.700 hm. The start took place with the ultra distance at 08:00 o’clock. The legs felt cumbersome from the start. I led my competitors in the first climb, high to the Choralpe. Actually, I rode almost the whole climb (1000 hm), with my pace, in the first position up. Thus, the field selected quite quickly, which wasn’t my plan. I tried to find my rhythm. As already mentioned, my legs were not good and I tried to get them in momentum, which I unfortunately didn’t manage. Shortly before the mountain, I reduced the pressure. Longo Toni (later winner / ultra-distance / 4:19:42) and two other riders got a gap. I also noticed that it will not be easy today, because my legs were already so painful. The first climb was a real pain for my head and it was certainly not going to be easier with the temperatures. I rode the further climbs up with my pace and didn’t pay attention to the competitors. The Ochsalm Berg and the Hahnenkamm are difficult enough. I have never been so happy about the descents as in this race. Not only because they are terrific to ride. On the last run, from the Fleckalm to the finish, I was able to secure the fastest time among the top racers in the classes. At the extreme distance I could get the overall 5th place. The time of 3:14:29 was okay for me, I was happy to have reached the finish. I had just a bad day.

pictures: (c) NoSane; Daniela Maier (2)

KitzAlpBike Festival – 10. Int. VAUDE MTB-HillClimb (AUT) 21.06.2017 „report“

At the biggest hillclimb sprint in the country the weather was hot, so the temperatures made the 6 km and 500 hm even more difficult. The start took place at 18:30. Immediately after the start, Foidl Max (later winner) and I could distance from the rest of the athletes. About half of the race I could keep up with Max, but then I couldn’t hold his rear wheel anymore. I had to let him ride. The pace was a bit too fast for me, so I got the 2nd place in the overall.

pictures: (c) NoSane