30. Dolomiten Radrundfahrt (AUT) 11.06.2017 „report“

During the Dolomitenrundfahrt we had to manage 112 km and 1870 hm. The start / finish was in Lienz and the “Sonnenstadt” proved it’s name. The weather was very good, as we expected. From the first climb the pace was fast. I had a problem staying at the rear wheel of the best climbers. When an attack was ridden about 80km before the finish line, three riders were able to take off, who finally led to a new track record with 2:49:25. The group of chasers, in which I was, consisted of about ten riders. As we rode through the Lesachtal, we tried to keep the distance as low as possible, but only half of the riders made a pace, included me. From Abfaltersbach to Lienz we rode all alternately, but there I already knew, that the three in front were no longer attainable. So I used to prepare for the final, which I could decide for myself. I reached the overall 4th place with a time of 2:54:17. With this result I am very satisfied and additionally I was surprised at the award ceremony, because the first three were called all together, so I could take place on the podium as 2nd. Therefore after three winners, I am 4th.

pictures: (c) privat

20. Int. ASVÖ – HRINKOW MTB-CITY-KRITERIUM (AUT) 27.05.2017 „report“

After two road races in the legs, I adjusted myself to a lot of pain. Today the mountain bike was in action. We had to ride 15 rounds of 1,2 km. The whole lap took place on the cobblestone street from the downtown of Steyr. Each round we had to ride a short climb up and at the end of the round there was a carry passage, namely a stair up. Immediately after the start we rode a fast tempo and during the race there were constantly attacks. We wanted to keep the pace as high as possible, which also played in my cards. During the race a three-man strong group was formed in front, in which I was. I had a strong final phase and the race was decided in the last lap. I was able to win the race with a time of 37:55 and an average of 28.5 km/h. At this race, I relegated Andreas Graf (Hrinkow Advarics Cycleangteam), the vice-world champion from the track, to the 3rd place.

pictures: (c) e-steyr.com; (c) eisenbauer; (c) privat

9. OÖ. Polizei – Landesmeisterschaften (AUT) 26.05.2017 „report“

One day after the Int. Dreisessel Bergpreis there was a single time trail race on the agenda. The distance was 15km with 430hm. The first 10km you had to complete 100hm. Up to this section, the average speed was around 40km/h. At the other 5km 330hm uphill were remaining. I finished the race with a time of 28:05. My average was over 32km/h and with this time, I rode the same record like Pichler Peter from the year 2009. Among other things, Pichler was a multiple participant in the Tour of Austrian. My form was good, but I never thought that I could reach this time. That it was also the identical time, is even more amusing, because the time was calculated up. In 2009 the distance was 400 meters shorter than the current one. 35 seconds were added to the winning time of 27:30 from 2009, with a calculated average of 40 km/h in the flat part. Despite all this, it was a tough fight against the clock, with perfect weather conditions and a further victory got on my account. I can say a precision landing on this day.

picture: (c) SV Kürnberg; (c) Privat

Int. Dreisessel Bergpreis (GER) 25.05.2017 „report“

In this race you had to ride 22.9 km and 740 hm. The primary goal was to win the team’s rating, so we didn‘t attack unnecessarily. The field remained well nearly till the finish. When the pace got faster, 4 km before the finish line, the first group was cleared. After alternating attacks, I let a gap so that a team colleague and another one could ride away. I stayed in the pursuers‘ group and was able to secure the 3rd place on the last steep meters. We could win the team rating.

pictures: (c) privat

18. Grafenbacher Radsporttage ÖM Straße (AUT) 21.05.2017 „report“

The Austrian Championships took place in dry, but windy conditions. The temperature was okay for the partly strong wind. The course played a little in my cards, it was wavy and shortly before the finish there was a short wave. That unfortunately flattened 500 meters before the finish and so the sprinters had again the better chances.

To the race itself, I always rolled good in the field, had to ride almost never really fast. Perhaps that’s why I got the impression of a not very fast race. The average was okay with 40.6 km/h. For me as a solo rider, there never was the possibility to ride away, even with other riders. It never succeeded a group to really get away for more than just a few seconds. Unfortunately the field had a strength of about 50 riders until the end. Therefore, a solo ride to the end was excluded for me, even if I had good legs. So the tactic was just to wait until the end and hope that not too many sprinters get over the last wave so fast. There come three sprinters over it and for me the ungrateful 4th place was left. I got well over the wave, but my sprint qualities are no longer the qualities I once had. This is also a fault of the training, because currently I don’t have the focus on sprinting, instead of that I have other strengths at the moment. All in all I am satisfied with my performance, because I always felt good during the race and that confirms my shape. Congratulations again on the medals winner, 1st place: Tiefenböck Andreas, 2nd place: Pichler Peter, 3rd place: Marina Marco.

Picture: (c) privat

4. Grand Prix Fliegerhorst (AUT) 22.04.2017 „report“

The race took place with Belgian weather conditions. Strong winds and cool temperatures made the race challenging. Fortunately, dry road conditions prevailed throughout the race. The track of the course was very bumpy on a former airfield, which consisted of concrete sheets. At the start of the race, I got a group of five men, with whom I had planned to finish the race. The group existed of three riders, which were ahead, and another rider and me who caught them. The legs weren’t good at this day, but it was okay for me to get on the wheel of them. Unfortunately, the sheet turned faster than I wished, not the competitors worried me, but my stomach. The cold temperatures in combination with the cold liquid and the continuous impacts from the ground were the reasons for my problem with the stomach. So I couldn’t go ahead with full speed and the pressure on the pedal became less, so I finished the race with the 21st place. The form is still good and I am ready for the next races.

picture: (c) Damir Fister

56. Internationales Kirschblütenrennen (AUT) 02.04.2017 „report“

At 09.18 o’clock was the start of the amateur class. This time there were 110 starters, which raced the 105.6 km (3 rounds à 35.2km). The rider’s field was nervous again, but because of the hilly course it regulated faster than the week before. At the end of the 2nd round, three riders rode away. I thought, if I formed a group at the beginning of the 3rd round, we’ll get them back. As I thought so, I rode up a slightly longer climb with a faster pace at the beginning of the 3rd round, creating a 6-man group. At this point, I still had the hope to catch the three finishers, but unfortunately there were always different indications, in relation to the leading group. Hopeful till the end, I tried to keep the group fast. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch them anymore. I knew I didn’t have the strength to win the sprint against Tiefenböck Andreas, because I’ve already used too much power. My last attack, I rode with Mick Christoph, I took him behind me in the wind shadow and rode with overspeed through the group. After a detachment, my colleague had no longer the legs to ride with full speed, so the attempt was unsuccessful. It was also because the team colleague of Tiefenböck, Oberngruber Christian, with an excellent form, didn’t make a big gap and could close it for him successfully. I would not have thought that before. So my speed till the finish was away. I rolled with my group and overall as 7th through the finish. For me it was a great race, just a pity that we couldn’t catch the three guys anymore.


pictures: © pirvat, © Wels Marketing und Touristik GmbH

57. Radsaison-Eröffnungsrennen Leonding (AUT) 26.3.2017 „report“

The first race in the season went quite well for me. The start took place at 11.10 o’clock and the weather was perfect for the season. Dry conditions, sunshine, pleasant temperatures, only the usual wind challenged us a bit on that day.

From the beginning, the field was nervous because everyone wanted to go ahead and put themselves in a good position before the climb at the end of the round (4x á 21.6km). I was spared the usual crashes throughout the race. My group, I mean the amateurs and juniors, consisted at the start about 170 men strong. After about 1h 30min and finally a few less in the field we caught the Elite main field, who started 10min before us. So it mixed up into a big field and I couldn’t quite keep tracking of my direct competitors, in the amateur class. Shortly before the highest point, 2km before the finish, I overtook the later third place Mick Christoph. During the final climb you lost the overview, because there were so many riders and you had no place to ride as fast as you wanted. Unfortunately I lost sight of the later winner, Oberngruber Christian. When the final climb was over, I discovered him about 30 positions, threaded in a single row, in front of me. During the descent, about 500m before the finish, I could close the gap. In the end the gap was too big for me. I was not able to sprint again and close the gap, because the field rode with about 60km/h and additionally I had to ride in the wind to close it. The race speed average was 41.7 km/h in our race.

So I took the 2nd place, in a chaotic race, which confirmed my form and I am looking forward to the next one.

pictures: (c) privat

resumee season 2016

With the following post I will end the season 2016 and would like to thank my supporters. Many thanks to my family, my friends and my sponsors (CGO Wohnbau GmbH, XeNTIS Wheels, Dynafit & CEP Sportswear) who accompanied me through the season.

I’ve been riding a big variation of different races this year, from short uphill races on the mountain bike, to long-distance road racing marathons. Of course this is very hard to train. You have to see the fact that you can never really be in the best shape, because every discipline is completely different. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my results and look happy into the future!

What I can already betray with regard to 2017 – I will ride more road races.


Here is a list of my best results in 2016:

(With the button LINK you get to the respective report of the race from me)


1st place; 14. Kaunertaler Gletscherkaiser; LINK

1st place; EldoRADo-Marathon; LINK

2nd place; KitzAlpBike-Festival – Hillclimb in Brixen; LINK

2nd place; Kufsteiner Meisterschaft; LINK

3rd place; Raiffeisen Granitmarathon (ENERGIE AG XTREME); LINK

3rd place; Kufsteinerland Radmarathon; LINK

3rd place; Glocknerkönig (Gesamt 4ter); LINK


This will be my last entry in 2016, that’s why I’d like to wish you a good, healthy and successful year 2016!

RISE & FALL (AUT) 17.12.2016 „report“

Our team consisted of the following athletes: Robert Antonioli (ski mountaineer), Mario Tamegger (paraglider), Bert Nagl (skiing) and myself as mountainbiker.

The weather and the temperatures were very good for that time in the season and you could look forward to an exciting competition. This year the level in the individual disciplines was extremely high and you really couldn’t say who will win. From the athletes’ side this is a sign that the event is a success. First of all, we can say that our team beat well and we were able to get the 8th place from the 61 started teams.

To my race I can say that this year I didn’t ride as well as last year. The legs were good, but I could not get my performance that day. In my discipline I rode to the 12th place. I missed the 6th even with 30 seconds, so I do not complain too much, but normally I want more and I can more. Of course, I also congratulate my team and especially Robert and Bert, who were able to get the 2nd place in their discipline. The team is now ready for 2017 to make a big step forward.

The team had the number 5# in the race and was called „toponmountain.com“.

pictures: (c) Gabi Huber; (c) privat

22. Int. Kufsteiner MTB Stadtmeisterschaft (AUT) 17.9.2016 „report“

This year’s race had bad weather conditions, despite was a reasonable starting field. It was raining and had just over 10°C, that isn’t a dream weather. So I knew already before the start, that no one will be able to ride a new record, nevertheless I was motivated at the start. Up to the half of the race Schwarz Lucas (later winner), Thrainer Thomas (later 3rd) and I rode together, but then Lucas tightened the pace a little and continuously made a gap over me. From this moment Thomas couldn’t longer hold my rear wheel. I had good legs, but the cold air in the lungs tampered me so I couldn’t keep up. Finally, I am satisfied with the 2nd place and had fun again to be at the start.


pictures: (c)St. Mayr

Kufsteinerland Radmarathon (AUT) 11.9.2016 „report“

The start for the around 130km and 2000hm was at 9.00 o’clock. The route is very beautiful to ride so we were pleased to start. From the beginning I had a good rhythm and no problem to ride with the fastest. At the half of the race a 7 man leading group was formed, which also existed till the final. 2km from the finish Kuen Maximilian and I wanted to escape from the group. After tightening the pace Federspiel Daniel caught us and he came with his front wheel too close to my rear quick release on the left side. The consequence was that he had half of the spokes less in his front wheel. We had a lot of luck that nobody crashed during our speed of around 50km/h. Subsequent the group was complete again, only Federspiel couldn’t continue to fight for a top result. Maximilian made the pace for the final sprint for me and I should finish it with a win. But I was far too early in the wind and my mistake had an immediate effect. So I finished with the 5th place overall and in my class with the 3rd. Anyway, thank you Max and praise to the organization which made a flawless event.


pictures: (c)Koller Thomas; (c)ofp; (c)Dominik Kiss; (c)privat

Ötztaler Radmarathon (AUT) 28.8.2016 „report“

The route has 238 km and 5.500 meters of altitude: Sölden – Oetz – Kühtai – Innsbruck – Matrei am Brenner – Brenner – Sterzing – Jaufenpass – St. Leonhard im Passeiertal – Timmelsjoch – Sölden. I couldn’t confirm my expectations what I thought to achieve, but no problem, I arrived save with a rich experience during the race. The Ötzi isn’t a race that gives me confidence for a top result, because I’m not the lightest, just too much muscles and I didn’t train such long rides, so I lose the pressure on the pedal during the race. The races over 200 km and with a lot altitude difference, in this case 5.500 hm,  are too long for me. When the race is shorter you barely feel the weight, but when the race is longer somewhere along the race you feel it and you can’t go with the others.

The race started under perfect weather conditions and you could only rejoice when you were allowed to start into this adventure. Initially I felt very confident. I felt good, felt very strong over the Kühtai and the Brenner and I was always in the 2nd group – so in the group behind the approximately 5 rides in front of us. At the Brenner I wanted to take 2 new bottles, always one bottle from one adviser. On one bottle there was gel and on the other one bars were fixed. The foreign rider in front of me tried to grab my first bottle, but he ripped just the gel from it. The second bottle he was able to grab completely – so I had only one bottle and nothing to eat. Not just tingling when the Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch are waiting. During such warm temperatures it is even more important to drink. Luckily, I was able to fill some water into my bottle, from a foreign adviser in Italy. That helped me a little bit, but the warm temperatures in combination with too little water, with the effort and the height, I got a headache. I had to take a break just before the Jaufenpass at the Labestation at 2000 NN, so that the headache could decrease. After that, I took the rest in attack, but the motivation to give everything was gone. I crossed the finish line with a time of 8:01. I didn’t know the route before and I have to say that the track layout is great. A little too hilly for me, but combined with these weather conditions a dream. The coolest thing was the downhill of the Kühtai -to pop down with around 120km/h, with a closed road, is just awesome!


pictures: (c)kirchmair & (c)revilo schilly

Bike Night Flachau (AUT) 13.7.2016 „report“

At 20.00 o’clock the start took place under good conditions. The track was almost dry and the temperatures were perfect. The atmosphere was like every year great and you could look forward to an exciting race. From my side, I had not set myself a real target. I just wanted to check my form and try out some food before and during the race. From which I learned, what works certainly in the future. I can say that it was not perfect because I had stomach ache during the race and had to leave it just before the finish. My position during the race was between 3 and 7. That doesn’t bother me because it was a test, which was completed successfully from me. My pace uphill also fits, because it could have been faster in the uphill at any time of the race. I have to say, I wouldn’t have won because my body is set up now for longer races. The more difficult to me would have been the 2 hours ride full gas. In addition, I am currently not so used to sit on the mountainbike than ever last year. This year I have set myself other goals, so I rode more on the road bike. Now I look satisfied to the final section of the season and forward to a few sunny days, of which we had not too much this year.