MTB HillClimb Brixen (AUT) 22.6.2016 „report“

Like every year you have to complete in this short hillclimb 500hm and 6km. The weather conditions were warm and I was looking forward to the event. The start took place at 18:30. Shortly after the start a trio with Foidl Max, Salcher Dominik and me was formed. After about half of the race Foidl Max (later winner) and I could distance from Dominik and we rode up to the finish as a duo, with alternating pace increase. I didn’t have the power that I could ride it all from the front on that day. So I had to ride the tempo style of Max. What was not ideal for me. Finally, I wanted to extend his pace increase, but I didn’t have the power anymore and I had to let him ride. I am happy with my result for this uphill sprint.

picture: (c)NoSan, (c) erwin haiden, (c) privat

14. Kaunertaler Gletscherkaiser (AUT) 19.6.2016 „report“

We rode this year not 51km and 2150hm, because the weather made it impossible. On 2752m it had -4°C and snow. Therefore, the route was shortened and now the finish was on 2185m. The jury also decided that we ride immediately towards the Kaunertaler glacier. I thought that was a wise decision, because at the start it was raining and just before the finish it was snowing. For the race itself, we now had 900hm and around 24km to go and the weather conditions were really cold. From the beginning we rode a good speed, because the race was shorter. Shortly before the reservoir Ortner Andreas and I were able to break away from the others and increased even the gap in the flat passage around the reservoir. The last 400hm we two were in front. From the start on I had problems with the cold air and I had stomach ache because of that, but it was getting better. At this part of the race Andreas had more pressure on the pedal. I had to let him pull away and managed always about a 15 seconds recess. I saw my chance 200 meters before the goal, where the track flat off shortly and I built up speed to have a pace for the last 100m increase. I came closer to Andreas, could close the gap and overtake him shortly before the finish line. So I celebrated a narrow victory on 2185hm, in snowfall and an average speed during the race of about 28km/h.

pictures: (c) Kaunertal, (c) Privat

SUPERGIRODOLOMITI (AUT) 12.6.2016 „report“

The race over 210km and 5188 hm was the longest race I’ve ever rode. The race was okay. From the beginning, I did not have good legs and they did not become good the whole time, because I was sick the week before and trained almost nothing. But I wanted to ride a long race before the ÖRM. After the Monte Zoncolan we rode up from the west side and I had a few problems. After just over 4 hours I had no power anymore and I had to leave the front group. Then there were still 3 hours in almost solo riding awaiting me, where I lost a lot of time. At the end of the day I was overall 14th and 5th in my category. The event was great and the road barrier was perfect.

picture: Monte Zoncolan. EXPA Pictures © 2016, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Johann Groder

Glocknerkönig (AUT) 5.6.2016 „report“

At 7:00 o’clock was the start, on wet roads but with no rain. I didn’t know the race track of 27km and 1694hm on the Fuschertörl from Bruck. Unfortunately, I was also in poor health, I really shouldn’t start, but I absolutely wanted. Because I didn’t train the last few days, instead of losing some weight, I had more. Which is not optimal for a mountain race. In the first seven nearly flat kilometers we were not riding fast and you rolled against the Glockner. As we rode into the mountain, I felt very bad, I thought I’ll ride a maximum in the top 10, but gradually it got better. So I was confident of a good result, after the tollbooth, the pace has been tightened and a six men strong leading group was formed. Gradually one fell away, till in the group four people were left, Berndl Johnnes (later winner), Ortner Andreas (later second), Palzer Anton (later third) and I. 20 minutes before the finish I had a little weakness that I felt immediately and I couldn’t hold the pace longer. I tried to ride a good pressure down to the finish, what I succeeded and became in the overall 4th and 3rd in my category. Now no training is intended for the next two days, because the SUPERGIRODOLOMITI is awaiting me next weekend.

picture: (c) privat

EldoRADo-Marathon (AUT) 29.5.2016 „report“

At this Marathon you had to ride 66km with around 2000hm. There were two main climbs at the beginning with about 900hm and at the end of the track with about 600hm. The weather was good and the conditions were great for a ride. I felt quite okay on the bike, but not perfect, so I had a little tactical maneuvering and couldn’t ride away immediately. I rode almost the whole race with a little leading, but never had a proper distance, only at the final climb I could distance from Seewald Andreas quite good and so I rode towards a comfortable victory. In the uphills I was still the fastest on this day. So Seewald Andreas got 2nd and Salcher Dominik 3rd.

picture: (c) privat


The race started at 9:00 o’clock in Kleinzell, the weather conditions were not the best, for 90 km and 3100hm. Which we rode with a average speed of 22 km/h. It was cold and the strong wind made it even colder. It didn’t rain on that day, but the track was a bit slippery from the rain the day before. I could go well from the start and from the group of 5 was quickly a trio left, with the winner Christoph SOUKUP, Matthias LEIS LING (overall 2nd) and myself. At about KM 50 I had to let the two and rode my pace the remaining 40km alone. My form is currently really good and so I could keep the 3rd place. I was very happy with my performance and I am motivated for the next races.


TV-Link: Oberösterreich Heute; 15.5.2016

pictures: (c) Granitmarathon, (c) Soukup

Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon Riva del Garda (Ronda Grande) (ITA) 30.4.2016 „report“

My first race of the season 2016 was in Riva del Garda. I chose the „Ronda Grand“ round with 74 km & 2.850 hm. The start took place at 7:45 in dry conditions. The race progress was not very good for me, because on the first climb and about 10 minutes after the start, I had bad luck. A rider rode staggered in front of me, suddenly he changed the side of the road and crashed into my front wheel, in consequence it twisted my stem. After I briefly adjusted the stem, I rode at the front again and was able to pull me. However, the rather moderate training on the mountain bike was later not the best. The track got rougher and therefore I wasn’t able to bring more pressure on the pedal. Finally I was overall 4th, but I am satisfied with the first result. Now I know that my form is absolutely acceptable and I’m looking forward to a good season 2016.

picture: (c) privat

RISE&FALL (AUT) 19.12.2015 “report”

At 14:00 o’clock was the start for the ski mountaineers at the team competition in Mayrhofen (AUT). The competition took place like that: The ski mountaineer start, followed by the paraglider, then the mountain biker backs up and the skier finishes the race. 430hm up or down, depending on the discipline was on the plan. Our team came together quite late, because the date for the team competition coincided with the National ski mountaineers Championships for the Austrians and the Germans. Finally, our team stood with the following athletes: Dario Steinacher (ski mountaineering), Mario Tamegger (paraglider), Michael Mayer (mountain biker) and Bert Nagl (Ski).

Short to our team effort, before I come to my race. We had a bad start, because Dario already lost his ski, as one in the rear stepped on his ski. But the bad luck followed us yet another discipline and Mario handed, about the 40th position. I could make around 20 places well and Berti made also one place good and therefore we ended the competition on the 20th place. At first I thought it was a bummer, because the 4th place would have been possible if a bit would be gone according to plan, but so we had to laugh more!

As already mentioned, I arrived very late on the bike and I fell after 2 steps, after handing out. I did not fall hard while running, but my left upper body half and my hands were soaking wet. With moderate motivation I grabbed the bike which stood ready in the transition area and ride off. I had the day before a performance test and knew my shape is okay, but my legs were still easily tired. So not the best race preparation, but the fun was in the foreground. I knew the half of the route and so I tried to save my power, at least as far as possible. Unfortunately, it was all about the golden pineapple and in the cold, the final motivation was missing. I finished the individual competition with the 3rd place, which was very surprising! The line-up from the riders of the other teams was very strong and some world class mountainbikers participated.

This will be my last entry in 2015, that’s why I’d like to wish you a good, healthy and successful year 2016!


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resume season 2015

With this post I want to finish my season 2015 and thank my supporters. Thanks to my family, my friends and my sponsors (CGO Wohnbau GmbH, XENTIS Wheels & CEP Sportswear) who accompanied me through this season. This year I changed from the discipline Cross Country to Marathon. For me personally I reached better results than I’ve expected, so I coped it quite well. Of course, at the beginning and middle of the season, I made some mistakes, but learned very quickly from them. Unfortunately in the end I didn’t have the power anymore! Nevertheless, I’m curious about what will happen in the future!


Here is a list of my best results in 2015:

(with the button LINK you get to the respective report of the race from me)


1st place; Austrian Marathon Cup

1st place; 18. Int. ASVÖ – HRINKOW MTB-City-Kriterium; LINK

1st place; Alpenchallenge stage 3 & 4; overall: place 4th; LINK

1st place; Kufsteiner Meisterschaft with time record (mountainrace with the MTB); LINK

2nd place; M4 Village Cross/National Championships Eliminator; LINK

2nd place; Hipp Trophy (Citysprint); LINK

2nd Platz; Kitz Alp Bike Marathon, distance Ultra; LINK

2nd place; Grazer Bike-Marathon; LINK

3rd place; KitzAlpBike-Festival – Hillclimb in Brixen; LINK

3rd place; Almkönig (mountainrace on the road); LINK

4th place; UCI World Series Marathon – Salzkammergut Trophy; LINK

4th place; Granit Marathon/National Championships Marathon (1. Platz U23); LINK

4th place; 21. ISCHGL IRONBIKE Palio; LINK

7th place; Val di Sole Marathon; LINK

10th place; 100km dei Forti; LINK


Year’s best placement: UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Series Ranking: place 7th

21. Int. Kufsteiner Mountainbike Stadtmeisterschaft (AUT) 19.9.2015 “report”

This year the 21. Int. Kufsteiner Stadt Meisterschaft took place under the name „Gasthaus Goldener Löwe Challenge“. The mountain race has a track length of 5.2km and a vertical height of 630hm which you had to ride with your mountain bike. Like every year, I didn’t tune my bike especially for such a mountain race. There are only light and well rolling tires on it. My bike had 8.6kg with pedals and my watch. I felt good and wanted to ride a fast time, but that I would break the track record of Felix Spensberger, with 22: 07.32, I couldn’t imagine before the start, but anyway I tried to. Last year we/I lost a friend and I promised him in my mind that I will break the record up to the Aschenbrenner and devote it to him. The finish area was also the last time where I met him. That’s why I was especially motivated and wanted to give everything, but no one knew it. Directly after the start I rode away solo. When I was at the turnoff (Duxeralm direction) after the so-called “Krampuswand” and the time on my watch was under 10 minutes, I knew that it could work. But later, after approximately 17 minutes ride time, I was so exhausted that I almost fell off the bike. Nevertheless I didn’t want to give up and give my best on this day. The last 5 minutes I was in a delirium. I didn’t know the time of Felix anymore and after I completed the race, I knew that I had forgotten some parts of riding-time in mind. Strangely, at the last corner and about 30 seconds before the finish, I had the time of Felix in my mind and I knew I will break it easily. I crossed the finish line in 21: 44,20 and now I hold the new course record. Besides, I was the fastest male from Kufstein and got city champion. Rest in peace, this is your time Martin! In addition, I wish my grandpa who passed away this year peace and quiet! We’ll never forget you!

pictures: ©Thomas Thaler; ©privat

3 EPIC Marathon (ITA) 5.9.2015 “report”

The race in Auronzo di Cadore started at 8:00 o’clock during continuous rain and temperatures around 10°C. I though not to start when I was at the startarea, because the question of the “meaningfulness” was in my mind. Because it was a race like any other one, although a “cool” one, but what do you really understand by “cool”. Cadore is located at about 850m above sea level and the highest point is 2300m above the sea level. You can imagine how much fun it was to ride this race while these weather conditions. Then just before the start I wanted to ride taking the 86,4km and 3400hm in attack. The first flat kilometers were neutralized, as we threw ourselves into the first climb, in which we climed 1100hm, I felt pretty good. The first group was composed of 5 riders led by Kristian Hynek (later winner), which was too quick for me. In the chasing group I could perform well, within was Alban Lakata the reigning world champion. After the first long downhill and a shorter climb I stopped briefly in the Feed zone to take off some of my clothes. They were only heavy because of the rain and didn’t warm me anymore. At this point the rain stopped. So I lost only 30 seconds and wanted to catch up with the group again. Shortly after that a fail happened, my knee crashed on the handlebars, when I rode out of the saddle and the rear wheel had a wheelspin. That’s why I could not catch up and had to reduce the pace – what was a vicious circle for me. Because on the ride up to 2100m above sea level I couldn’t reach my body temperature and so it was damn cold for me. The short descent down to 1700m above sea level gave me the rest and I had to give up after about 3 hours. Nevertheless, I didn’t feel so strong anymore, because it’s the end of the season. I could never ride with full speed 4 hours or more. So this was my last international race in the season, now I’m focusing on the next season. Sometimes you need a break and my last race is a short hillclimb. The 21. Int. Stadtmeisterschaft in Kufstein, my home race.