European Championship Marathon (Singen/GER) 10.5.2015 “report”

The weather was nice, maybe too good for me, but later more. The course was not a typical marathon course, it was more like a road classic on easy terrain, with many short climbs. You had to ride 2 rounds and so you have to ride 98km and 2800hm. At first I had problems to follow the pace. During the first uphill I rode in the first row, but in the end I couldn’t push the speed up till the end. It was very hard for me until the first tight part at about 15km, the legs were just very heavy. The field was quite closed till this moment, but I had not got the strength to continue forward in the most important place in the course of the race as to the 40th place. Of course, the field split afterwards and I lost time and missed the good group. Shortly after I had full pressure on the pedal, unfortunately too late, I tried everything to get in a front group. I caught up around 1 min, but I could not reach the front group. And so I was after the first round around the 30th position, “okay” I thought. But then everything changed and I got a severe headache shortly after the first round. Of course I could not go fast and also finished the race after a total of 80km. The weather and the air pressure made me feel kind of “sick”, so I had to give up. My main goal was a Top 10 position, but that would not have been possible, with good legs at the beginning of the race and during the whole race I maybe could have reached a Top 20 position. But this theoretical statement sounds like it was from a hobby rider, it was simply not my day. The beginning of the season has just not worked out as I had imagined. Now it’s time to press the “restart” button this weekend and then the national championships in marathon are on the program.

Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon Riva del Garda (Ronda Grand) (ITA) 2.5.2015 “report”

The start in Riva del Garda for the marathon with the Ronda Grande round (73,94km & 2.831hm) was at 7:40 o’clock. My legs felt good and I was ready for the race. In the first half hour I could not take full pressure because my stomach was a bit too full from the breakfast. After that I tried out the legs and I was able to settle immediately. There was a big gap between the second rider and me. I was sure that I would win the race because uphill I was the strongest in the field. It turned out quite differently and after about 2 hours I got stomach cramps and after all my opponents passed me. I  stopped many times and had to push the bike uphill partly because I could no longer ride. Unfortunately I had to ride the race to the end, because there was no short cut to Riva. I did a good deed shortly before the finish line, a competitor’s rear derailleur broke, the chain got tangled up in the cassette. I fixed it temporarily and finally I finished the race about 40min after the winner, my time was 4:13:05. But all in all my shape is perfect for the European Championship in Singen (10.5.).

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I rode the race in Haiming just for training and to see how fast I can ride related to the International Cross Country. I never rode fully on pressure during the race and I finished a bit earlier, namely after one hour. I was pleasantly surprised that I could ride so well and after the race I continued my real training because at the moment I focus on the European Championships (Marathon), which take place in Singen (GER) on the 10.5. .

MTB Garda Marathon (ITA) 19.4.2015 “report”

My first race in the season 2015 was the Garda Marathon with 60km and 2200hm. Of course the other riders were very strong and I wanted to see if I can internationally ride on a good level. Unfortunately, I had a traffic accident with my bike in late December and it took me a little longer to get in shape. Of course I was missing the racing hardness, that’s why I couldn’t ride the whole race on the limit, but that will automatically come with the next races. The course was great, because it is technically challenging and it is characterized by super fast trails, which made me feel happy during the race. My disadvantage was the fact that I didn’t know the course, that’s why it was difficult for my to optimally use my strength. For me everything went fine and I was able to finish with the 17th place overall, and a time of 3:00:04. Therefore I won the U23 category.

Kufsteiner Mountainbike Stadtmeisterschaft (AUT) 20.9.2014 „report“

The mountain race in my hometown Kufstein is always a great event. Of course it’s great to ride in front of a home crowd. The track data was 5.2km and 630hm, with a time of 23min 24sec I finished as 2nd in the overall ranking. Of course I could get the city championship again. This time I portioned my power perfectly and am very happy with my performance.

UCI MARATHON WORLD SERIES – Val di Fassa (ITA) 14.9.2014 “report”

Unfortunately I got a little bit sick after the Red Bull Dolomitenmann and so I did not have high expectations. I felt okay in the middle of the week, so I absolutely wanted to start at the race. I decided to go there on my own and I knew, that I had to carry all the food and drink from the start on. I was stupid and thought, that at night it won’t be so cold outside, so I left the window open and in the morning I had a sore throat again. The start took place at 9:00 o’clock and the conditions were good. The track had 2760hm and 64,2km. The start was harder for me than usual, because I had more than 1kg extra weight with me (food and drink), and at the first climb, with about 1000hm, you wish your bike to be as light as possible. I tried to portion my power during the race, which I finally managed quite well. I was overall 32th and I won the U23 category. I did not expect the race to run so well, that’s why I’m even more pleased, that I could win.

Red Bull Dolomitenmann (AUT) 6.9.2014 “report”

I started in the Team Koland Topsport Asics. My teammates were Wieltschnig Silvio (mountain running), Christian Gruber (paragliding) and Scherwitzl Dominik (kayak). First, Silvio started with a mountain run at 10 o’clock, further followed by Christian paragliding, then I and Dominik finished the team competition with the kayak. My bike route had about 1600hm and 26km, but the last 5 minutes of the uphill you have to walk. I felt that day is not very good, but I did an average performance and could defend our lead in the amateur category. I had the 14th bike time of the pro and amateur teams. Finally, we were able to win the amateur class and among professional teams we get the 10th place. We owe our strong team performance, because everyone was with his performance at least in the Top 15 of the professional and amateur teams.

3. MTB Asitzgipfel Hillclimb (AUT) 31.8.2014 “report”

The race started at 10 o’clock on the Asitzgipfel, I had to manage 12km and 1126hm. I prefer shorter climbs, but for the “Red Bull Dolomitenmann” I wanted to get used to a long climb. I really felt good and tried to ride my rhythm. You had to run the last 10hm, because the finish was the same, as the mountain run finish, which was, by the way, won by Mamo Petro. Just before the finish I moved to the 4th place in the overall and I was happy with my performance. My time was 49min 18sec and I am looking forward to the „Red Bull Dolomitenmann“.

Horten (NOR) 16.-17.8.2014 “report”

The two races in Horten didn’t run smoothly. I had to fight with the track because of the constantly restless terrain, where it was hard to get the speed with a hardtail. I tried my best, but found no rhythm on both days. The result was that I lost a lot of time and energy. Sometimes it runs better, sometimes worse, that’s sport. My shape is still good and I’m looking forward to the next races.

Bike Night Flachau (AUT) 9.8.2014 “report”

The race in Flachau this year was harder, than the year before. The fact, that they have shorten the round, because of the rain before the start, was useful. For the many amateur athletes the slippery ski downhill would have been too dangerous. Luckily it did not rain during the race, but because the lap was now 5 minutes and the long uphill shorter, in relation even more riders were on the course. So the round was now about 7 minutes, curvy and muddy in the meadow. Just me and six other riders, all from the Czech Republic, managed in 2 hours + 1 round, the round number of 18. I finished with an average speed of 26.285 km/h and 1,225 meters of altitude on the 4th place overall. For me personally it was my best race of the season and that makes me very happy, though I even reached the 4th place.

MTB Race Monte Lussari (ITA) 27.7.2014 “report”

The mountain bike race with the uphill finish on the Monte Lussari went positive for me. Actually, it’s more a mountain race, because only the first part includes descents, but as a training race, I was happy to ride it. I came away well and rode into the final climb with 15 opponents. The climb is challenging because it never flattens in the first 4.5 km of 6.5 km and there are 800 high meters to the finish. I was 2nd in the U23 category and I am satisfied with my performance, perhaps I could have ridden faster during the final climb.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Cross Country 20.7.2014 “report”

The Austrian Championships didn’t go according to my idea. Although I had a bad day, I was very strong uphill, but that didn’t help me. Through the downhill sections you had to go technically clean to be quickly, what I couldn’t manage. Downhill I had no body tension and so I lost an incredible amount of time! I didn’t feel comfortable on the track. Till half of the race I tried everything uphill, to mend, but then I had to admit, that this was not my day. I left this race as a loser, but I’ll never lose the fun of cycling!

KitzAlpBike Festival Cross Country (AUT) 28.6.2014 “report”

I had a bad day in Kirchberg. I had the same problems as the week before. Although I finished the race, I didn’t really care about the place. I felt better, but I still had to contend with. The motivation is still there and now I’m preparing for the national championships, to defend my title in the U23 category.

MTB HillClimb Brixen (AUT) 25.6.2014 “report”

At the short mountain race in Brixen, it went quite well for me as a heavyweight. It started to rain just before the start and I had a few problems with the coldness. I could not go out of the saddle very well and so I constantly lost time. My hands were just too cold. In the elite category I was 9th and U23 the 3rd.